Mark Butler For Congress

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Tax Reform

The tax code has become a way to reward or punish individuals or industries.  It has been made so complicated that it is hard to see these manipulations.  Making the tax code simpler is something that I consider essential to start getting the economy going again and to keep it going.  When individual taxes are lowered the general public has more money to spend and get the economy going.  When corporate taxes are lowered the corporations have more money to hire or invest in modernizing there company.  If you lower the corporate rate then you will attract more corporations to move to the United States.  The following are a few Ideas that I have concerning the tax codes.

-The tax codes have to and can be made simpler.
-Corporate and individual taxes have to be reduced to improve the economic environment.
-Capital gain taxes need to be reduced permanently not just for a period of time.
-The death tax needs to be repealed.
-The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) needs to be adjust and fixed to inflation or eliminated it.
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